About Us

ADAS Uganda Enterprises Limited, known as ADAS and its associated Group of Companies have been actively involved in International Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearing and Logistics services since June 2013.

We offer specialized project logistics services custom designed to the client's requirement which include planning, implementation and execution of shipments from origin to various final destinations within East, Central Africa and across the globe.

Our supply chain management solutions are designed to strike an optimal balance between security and flexibility that is to make sure your product reach market on time and in perfect condition & in the most effective way.

ADAS Enterprises Uganda Ltd (ADAS) is an International Freight Forwarding & Logistics Company, providing services by air, sea and land. It is incorporated in Uganda with offices in Kampala (Head Office), Entebbe, Jinja, Malaba, Vuura, Mutukula, Katuna, Elegu, Goli & Arua.

We are globally connected with the capacity to provide a comprehensive, efficient and innovative logistics supply chain for virtually any type of cargo, door to door. Group Associate companies in South Sudan, DRC, Tanzania, Kenya and also appointed agents in other African countries.

Vision:  To deliver value to our esteemed clients and to be considered the clearing forwarding & transporting agent of the best choice in East Africa and neighbouring countries.

Mission: To offer high quality, convenient, efficient and cost effective freight forwarding and clearing services through provision of high quality and competitive services so as to not only meet but all times exceed our client expectations.

Corporate Values: The world attributes our success to professionalism, Proactive Strategic Planning, Communication Expertise, Commitment, Team Work, Honesty, and Integrity & Positive Approach.

What makes us special?

  • Complete Global logistics network
  • Logistics services for projects companies
  • Improved command and control delivering end to end visibility
  • Advanced IT system in freight tracking for visibility and efficiency
  • Compliance with Global Standards
  • Expertise in Project Cargo handling of any size, shape, weight, out of gauge cargo from origin to destination
  • Expertise in dangerous cargo handling.