Health Safety

Health Safety & Environment Policy

The company being a good corporate citizen assumes its business and ethical responsibility to create a safe & healthy workplace for its employees, service providers, clients and a clean environment. We at ADAS are committed to this corporate citizenship goal.

Keeping in line with the company’s vision, we shall aspire for continuous improvement in all our activities including Health, Safety & Environment (HSE). We shall not merely remain in compliance with all applicable laws & regulations pertaining to HSE, but would strive to go beyond.

In order to strengthen the concern and commitment of our employees towards continuous improvement in HSE aspects, their contribution in this area would be considered as significant factor in their annual performance appraisal.

We are committed to dovetailing HSE considerations in planning and executing new projects, services and processes & up gradation of existing services and processes.

We at ADAS will be willing to share all the information and expertise relating to HSE including our HSE Policy and measures with our employees, through training and through reference material.

We are committed to;

  • The health and safety of our employees, clients, service providers and the general public whom we interact in course of our service provision.
  • Reduce the probability of the accidents which have the potential to cause injury, disablement and loss of life & property.
  • Take measure to minimize health impairment of people involved in carrying out their activities at different locations.
  • Minimize degradation of the general environment in & around the office, by controlling probable situations which have the potential to adversely affect the environment.
  • Minimize undue wastage of the material resources such as water & electrical energy which help in preventing environment pollution.
  • Ensure compliance with all HSE related statutory laws, rules & regulations and be good responsible corporate citizens.
  • Educate the employees so that they can be aware of their own safety, health & their responsibility towards the environment.
  • Train, retrain & thereby motivate the employees so that they are able to identify & eliminate prevailing unsafe practices as well as we able to improve, upgrade & mention their workplace free of unsafe action & condition.