The most vital resource for any organization is its people. We at ADAS have a team of talented people in every emerging market. Teams that help turn data into front line decisions.

Our strength is underpinned by a dedicated and motivated staff who bring innovative thinking, energy and professionalism to deliver consistent solutions. Skilled local staff with an experienced international & local Management Team. HSE aspects are at the core of our corporate culture.

Experienced logistics specialists, and staff who are experts in trade and security compliance, an agile team deeply experienced in planning procurement and logistics at global level with strong local networks and relations that cuts through red tape.

Our systems are connected to Asycuda as per URA’s requirement which enable real time details of the consignment.

With ECTS and GPS system for vehicle tracking we ensure performance metrics for the daily management and continuous improvement.

Our competent human resources are well complimented by machineries owned and contracted within East Africa. Given below is a list of the machineries at a glance;